EPYG2017 - Great Games have taken place!


EPYG opening ceremony speech from President Ratko Kovacic:

Dear friends of the Paralympic Movement, dear athletes and coaches, President Luca Pancali, dear local and regional authorities, dear members of EPYG 2017 organizing committee.Today is the beginning of an extraordinary week, where you, young, athletes will inspire Genova, Italy and all Europe. In this week, we will see new rising stars, future Paralympians and most of all we will see what is possible if we take our destiny in our hands and actively live our life. This great event is he highlight of the year fora all participants, their coaches and the organisation of the EPYG 2017. But besides results and medals which make us all very proud, the European Para Youth Games are also important to gain and exchage knowledge between coaches and athletes and also staff of the National Paralympic committees. The European para Youth Games have become the most important sports evetn for young athletes with disabilities in Europe. Therefore, I am very grateful that we have such a professional but also warm host like you Dario and your team, who made huge step to fulfil our goal. I am glad to be here with you, to be a part of this great competition. And in the end I would like to invite all  athletes, coaches and supporting staff, to exchange their experience and to work togetehr on the future of  the Paralympic sport. Let´s transorm Genova into a place where we celebrate the culture and spirit of the Paralympic movement. Buona Fortuna e Successo per Tutti!


The European Para Youth Games 2017 are an international, competitive, multi-sport competition for athletes with a disability that reflects the highest standards of athletic excellence, Paralympic values and diversity. The goal of the Youth Regional Programme is to provide exciting and inspiring events, as well as to help develop the Paralympic Movement and encourage younger athletes to do Paralympic Sport to achieve competitive excellence while engaging an entertaining spectators.

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ALL-In: Developing Pathways of Lifelong Physical activity for People with a Disability in Europe

Parasport Sweden has launched an initiative calle "All-In;Developing Pathways of Lifelong Physical Activity for People with a Disability in Europe".The project which will run for 3 years is co-financed through the Erasmus+programme of the European Union and will seek to establish a cross-sectoral cooperation model at a European sub-regional level that develops, exploits and implements good practices for integrated pathways of lifelong physical activit for people with a disability.

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Crans Montana Forum Barcelona, July 5 2017

Ratko Kovacic, the President of the European Paralympic Committee attended the Crans Montana Forum in Barcelona on July 5th 2017. He was holding there a presentation  with the following content: Youth, a new way to secure peace!

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EPC General Assembly, Katowice, Poland

The European Paralympic Committee has a new President. Ratko Kovacic, the President of Croatian Paralympic Committee will head EPC for the following four years.

My main aim is to continue successful strategic plans of the former presidency-said Kovacic after beeing elected- especially as for work with young, new athletes. I will take new steps in markteing programme and fundings. My goal is to enlarge national paralympic committees and strenghten EPC.

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