Para Disability Coach Education and Learning (PDCEL) – enhance the learning, mobility and employment of Para Disability Coaches in relation to a European Disability Sport Coaching Guide. 




Sport coaches play an integral role in the development and delivery of quality opportunities for performers along the sport pathway. It is estimated that over 80 million people with a disability live within the EU, however the exact number of those participating in sport at all levels (e.g recreational to high performance) is not known. Additionally the number of coaches in disability sport (90 million in non-disabled sport), their learning experiences and educational qualifications is also unidentified. Furthermore, research within sport coaching (e.g UK, Ca, US) evidence the lack of and need for coach education to support coach development in Para-disability sport.  Given the complexity of disability at biological, psychological, social and cultural level, it is vitally important to explore and qualify:

  • The number of coaches working in Para-disability sport and at what level (recreation to performance)?

  • Coaches stages of development and learning experiences?

  • Coaches level of education and qualifications? 

  • Best practices of coaching Para-disability sport and effective support systems?   



PDCE aims to enhance Para disability coaches’ learning mobility and employment through the construction of a ‘European Disability Sport Coaching Guide’ to act as reference point for within the EU for the development of coach education and coaching systems. 


  • Promoting the project throughout your networks

  • Encouraging para coaches to complete the online survey and also volunteer for follow-up interviews

  • Identifying best practice case studies relating to para coaching practice and coach development

  • Providing feedback on the European ParaCoach Framework and online course

  • Signposting us to para sport-specific agencies, policies, educational frameworks, workshops and conferences, coaching practices, sport science knowledge, blogs, vlogs or videos that promote best practice in this context

  • Attending ParaCoach events and inviting us to para sport-specific workshops

  • Connecting us with through social media @para_coaching and our website