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PLAY'IN Together

PLAY'In Together aims to support European societies towards greater inclusion of all people with disabilities by promoting Olympic, Paralympic and European values in sports games accessible to all children, whatever their condition.

This project is based on a pilot project carried out with Paris 2024, a candidate city for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, and UNICEF, which promotes the Olympic values of respect, friendship, and excellence to promote the education of children in several territories.





PLAY'IN Together aims to continue the co-creation of socio-sports and advocacy sessions around Paralympic (courage, determination, equality, inspiration) and European (dignity and human rights including minorities, freedom, democracy, equality) values, by adapting the content and pedagogical tools to the needs of each country.

PLAY'IN Together has three important phases:

1. Changing Mindsets on Disabilities: Academic, institutional and operational partners capitalize on complementary expertise to develop pedagogical content that aims at changing the way able-bodied children look at disability.

2. Play Beyond Disability: Using the same process, sessions aiming at encouraging children with disabilities to feel legitimate in the practice of sports are co-created.

3. All Players, All Friends: The aim here is to provide common sporting experiences and interactions between children with and without disabilities.

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