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Two countries bid to host 2027 European Para Championships

European Para Championships BV, the entity behind the pioneering European Para Championships concept, proudly announces the reception of bids from two potential hosts contending to organise the 2027 Championships. Building upon the notable success of the inaugural event in Rotterdam in 2023, this multisport event for Para athletes is set for its highly anticipated second edition in 2027.


Two European countries have officially submitted bids to host the 2027 Championships. The Turkish National Paralympic Committee has presented their bid, affirming Turkey's strong dedication to promoting Para sports. Similarly, Germany has officially entered the tender, showcasing determined commitment and enthusiasm from their national authorities.


Eric Kersten, Founder of the European Para Championships, expresses significant satisfaction with the strong propositions presented by both bidders. He is confident that this will significantly improve Para sport throughout the continent, demonstrating their strong interest in nurturing its growth: “These bids highlight Europe's active efforts and firm dedication to competing for the honour of hosting and increasing the visibility of Para sports on the international stage.“


The European Para Championships organisation, together with the European Paralympic Committee and various international sports federations, will carefully identify the most suitable candidate to host the 2027 Championships. These collective efforts from key stakeholders ensure the selection of the optimal host, giving priority to the progress of top-level Para sports.


Raymon Blondel, President of the European Paralympic Committee, is thrilled to witness the enthusiastic bids: “The European Para Championships stands as a cornerstone for Para sport development in Europe, and it's heartening to see its bright future, growth and evolution ensured by these bids. Both countries have showcased their dedication to advancing para sports across the continent, promising an exciting path ahead for athletes, staff, and federations involved!”


As the organisation navigates the tender process of selecting the foremost host country and city for the 2027 Championships, it remains committed to maintaining a transparent selection process and ensuring vital information reaches the Para sports community. These upcoming months promise increased clarity and anticipation, setting the stage for yet another remarkable showcase of excellence.

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