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Istanbul, Türkiye, to host 2025 European Para Youth Games

The city of Istanbul, Türkiye, has been awarded the 2025 European Para Youth Games (EPYG) by the European Paralympic Committee.

The multisport competition is expected to attract around 1,500 athletes, coaches and support staff to Istanbul in the summer of 2025.

The Türkiye National Paralympic Committee (NPC) is ready and keen to stage nine sports at the Cebeci Sport Venue in the heart of the city for a Games which will help to solidify a new era for the development and impact of Para sport across Europe.

The draft programme includes athletics, wheelchair basketball, boccia, goalball, Para judo, swimming, shooting Para sport, Para taekwondo and table tennis. Demonstration sports are also being considered.

European Paralympic Committee President, Raymon Blondel, said: “It is hugely exciting to announce the host of European Para Youth Games, fitting perfectly within our overall strategy for a Games calendar that has athletes, National Paralympic Committees and International Federations at its heart. Along with our partners, we know we can deliver an occasion for these groups that meets their objectives and also achieves a wider social impact in Istanbul, Türkiye, and far beyond.

“The EPYG are about giving Para athletes aged between 12-23 a chance to gather with their peers, and to grow and develop as competitors as well as personally. They are about offering sports and NPCs support for their own youth programmes in a way that really works for them. And host cities and countries can build capabilities and gain experience in many areas such as accessibility, organisational capacity and community engagement.

“We are confident that the Türkiye NPC can deliver a truly transformational Games next year, the benefits of which will we hope will be felt further than ever before.”

The President of Türkiye NPC, Murat Aksu, commented: “We are proud to host the 2025 European Para Youth Games. This prestigious event is a significant milestone to encourage people with disabilities to participate in Para Sports. We invite all member countries of the European Paralympic Committee to Istanbul for an unforgettable experience, showcasing the incredible potential of our young Para athletes. We believe that 2025 EPYG will be a great reference for the events of other Paralympic organisations which we are, or will be, a candidate for.”

The dates and programme for the 2025 EPYG will be confirmed over the coming months.

The European Paralympic Committee reviewed and relaunched the concept and bid process for the EPYG in 2023 following successful editions in Pajulahti, Finland; Genova, Italy; Varazdin, Croatia; and Brno, Czechia, since 2011.

This includes a greater focus on education and additional activities for Para athletes that support both their personal and career development in different areas. More emphasis is also placed on what NPCs and sports would like to get out of the EPYG, and the wider social impact potential of the event. In addition, a delivery partner – Team TOC –was brought on board to add capacity and experience.

The last edition held in Pajulahti, Finland, in 2022, attracted 415 athletes from 28 countries competing in eight sports as well as around 600 coaches, team staff, classifiers, officials, volunteers and other personnel.

With the EPYG and the European Para Championships now established—under the patronage of the European Paralympic Committee—a biennial, region-wide competition featuring multiple summer sports for youth and elite Para athletes will now take place in Europe. This marks an important milestone for Para sports in the region.

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