Diverse and Inclusive Teams for children under 12

DITEAM12 is an Erasmus+ co-funded project, spanning over 2 years. The project is a European-wide initiative, with partners from Mi Hijo y Yo (MHYY) in Spain, the European Paralympic Committees (EPC) in Austria, Educational Research Institute (ERI) in Slovenia, Informa Psicologia y Deporta (IDP) in Spain, Schola Empirica (SE) in the Czech Republic and the International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education in Germany.





The participation of youth and children in sports is seen as an integral part of human development. However, as much as sport can promote inclusivity, it can also bring exclusion, disrespect and even violence, especially in a highly competitive environment.

In response to the growing demand for inclusive opportunities for children in sports, including within competitive youth sports, The DITEAM12 partnership was established with the goal of exploring the psychological and emotional development of children under 12 in sports clubs. Through this exploration, the partnership will develop preferable methods of coaching children inspired by inclusivity and diversity values.

DITEAM12 goals


1. Raise awareness of the positive aspects of noncompetitive sports for children under 12 years of age

2. Create inclusive and diverse clubs

3. Use inclusion and diversity in sports clubs as tools to prevent violence and intolerance


DITEAMS12’s findings will help federations, clubs, schools, parents and other sporting associations to support new and more inclusive coaching methods through a better understanding of the psychological implications on children.

The project consists of 5 steps leading to developing a more positive approach to coaching children:

1. Analysis of scientific resources on sports for children under 12

2. Questionnaires and Observations of pitch behaviours

3. Development of teaching material

4. School of Parents

5. Web Educational Tool

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