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One WEEK END-3 events

EPC President Ratko Kovacic attended the Conference Congress Impacts and challenges of Sports Inclusion in Lisboa, Portugal.

EPC Board memberSamuel Rosko attended the EUSA General Assembly in Madrid, Spain.

EPC Head of Office Saskia Kanfer attended the Badminton Europe Gala and Conference in Dubrovnik, Croatia.


During the Conference in Lisboa, which was also attended by IPC President Andrew Parsons, President of African Paralympic Committee, Leonel d Rocha Pinto and President of Portugal Paralympic Committee, José Manuel Lourenco, EPC President Ratko Kovacic reported about the project Sport Inclusion-Full Paricipation in Sport by Persons with Disabilities:the project aims to:

  1. Develop a European model for the inclusion in sport of people with disabilities based on a survey of existing best national practices and the greatest barriesrs to inclusion in European Union (EU) member states
  2. Create a web-based platform which is publicly accessible and widely applicable to act as a knowledge and resource centre for all EU member states
  3. To enable monitoring of the rate of inclusion in sport of people with disabilites across the EU

INSport aligns with the stated ovjectives of the EU and the current Erasmus+program, including equal opportunities and equal access, social inclusion, volunteerism, sports and the promotion of physical activity, andd active participation of minorities.


impression conference in Lisboa


Board member Mr. Samuel Rosko attended the EUSA GA: During the EUSA General Assembly that was held in Madrid from 12-14 April, EUSA Executive Committee attributed the next two editions of the European Universities Games. City of Lodz in Poland will organize the Games in 2022 while in 2024 the event will be held in two Hungarian cities-Miskolc and Debrecen. National member federations of EUSA, along with all the guests from international organisations, had the opportunity to hear both presentations during the firs day of the General Assembly. Goth bidding committees did their final presentations in Madrid, and the audience had the chance to hear what was planned for the Games and what would be thelegacy for the future.


impression EUSA General Assembly in Madrid


EPC Head of Office Saskia Kanfer attended the Badminton Europe Gala and was invited to attend the 51st annual delegates meeting as an observer. The 2018 BEC Congress was held in Dubrovnik, Croatia in cooperation with Hrvatski badmintonki savez (Croatian Badminton Association) from 13-15 April 2018.

The BEC Awards recognize the achievements and the contribution to European badminton by persons engaged in all categories of Badminton. The winner of BEC Para-Badminton Player of the year was Jack Shephard from England.

The next BEC Congress will take place in Kiev, Ukraine from the 26-28 of April 2019.


Austrian delegation

The Austrian delegation