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Crans Montana Forum Barcelona, July 5 2017

Ratko Kovacic, the President of the European Paralympic Committee attended the Crans Montana Forum in Barcelona on July 5th 2017. He was holding there a presentation  with the following content: Youth, a new way to secure peace!

Read the content of the presentation herewith: Ladies and Gentlemen,

the always changing and very dynamic world we are living in has brought a lot of new challenges. The paralympic movement is no exception and we at the European Paralympic Committee are very eager to use all of our knowledge, experience and power to be an active and reliable participant. A participant which will co-create a new and more tolerant society and make the world a peaceful place for our youth.

In the last decades, as a former Paralympic athlete, President of the Croatian Paralympic Committee and President of the European Paralympic Committee, I have witnessed a major transformation and yet I am aware that we are still far away from our ultimate goal-to ensure the right of each person with impairment to exercise sport.

So, I am very pleased to be here today and express the view of the European Paralympic movement about YOUTH, A NEW WAY TO SECURE PEACE and introduce you to our programmes.

The European Paralympic Committee is an umbrella association committet to promote, contribute and enable Paralympic athletes to achieve sporting excellence and develop sport opportunities for all people with an impairment.

The relevance os sports is obvious: health, prevention, education, acive-aging, personal development, independence, economic but most of all-it is a powerful driver for creating a social, tolerant society.

We actively use the paralympic movement as a leverage to induce the inclusion of people with impairment and to create active members of society.

As you all know, the biggest challenges are building the greatest ahtletes, and the challenges which are the Parallympic athletes face with, are already in the beginning, at least a bit, higher.

So, it is no wonder hat the athletes are at the heart of our Movement. Their performances and incredible stories teach us all- the values of acceptance and appreciation for people with impairment.

This is why the Paramypic Movement builds a bridge that links to sport with social awareness thus contributing to the development of a more equitable society with respect and equal opportunities for all individuals.

Due to the fact that the paralympic movement is still lacking funding´s-for example, the support of the National Governments and Sponsors- we have to be very creative in our approach and find solutins which will enable our national members organisations to play an important role on a local level and be a supporter of all governmental issues, a guide for people with impairment and a source of inspiration for the whole public.

So, in accordance to the funding-which are obviously insufficietn, we promote and develop the tolerance and equality through different activities like for example:

- we established the European para Youth Games - which are held every two years

- we conduct Paralympic School day in order to build awareness among school children

- we developed educational programmes for sport of people with impairment

- we conduct promotional campaigns of the Paralympic movement

As I said at the beginning, it is a long way to achieve our ulitmate goal and we are awar of all the obstacles, ye it will not stop us to work on creating all the conditions for mutual respect and dignity of every individual.

I am happy to share this with all of you and I sincerely hope that we will build a stron network to multiple our efforts in order to establish a better future-for the sake of our youth.

If you would like to know a bit more about our work, I will be here the next days...

Thank you very much!

Ratko Kovacic, EPC President



EPC President Ratko Kovacic at the Crans Montana Forum


Crans Montana Forum Barcelona impression