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EPC General Assembly, Katowice, Poland

The European Paralympic Committee has a new President. Ratko Kovacic, the President of Croatian Paralympic Committee will head EPC for the following four years.

My main aim is to continue successful strategic plans of the former presidency-said Kovacic after beeing elected- especially as for work with young, new athletes. I will take new steps in markteing programme and fundings. My goal is to enlarge national paralympic committees and strenghten EPC.

The former President of EPC John Petterson advised the new elected President to find his own strategy.

I wish him to look what have we done, what has been good, what hasn´t been so good and make some priorities. I think it is really important to make priorities for the future. Wishing the new president all the best Petersson added that one of the main factors is " to be yourself"


For the first time in history the Congress of the European Paralympic Committee was held in Poland ( june 16th -17th), in Katowice, the city situated only 40 KM from Toszek, the place where Sir Ludwig Gutmann, the founder of the Paralympic movement was born. The first day debate was devoted to discussion on future activities of EPC, the second day to election of new Executive Board.

What is the future of the European Paralymic movement? this question was asked by all delegates from 33 countries ( almost 90 people) who came to Katowice. The main discussed aspect was close cooperation between olympic and paralympic committees. Sir Philip Craven, the President of the International Paralymic Committee who accompanied the discussion warned that the paralymic movement has to preserve its unique identity.

The paralympic movement needs the Olympic movement , but the Olympic movement needs the Paralymic one as well-emphasized Sir Craven-we have to be their partner.


The members of the new Executive Board of the EPC:

President: Ratko Kovacic; Croatia

Vice-President: Terje Jentoft Roel; Norway

Treasurer: Rivo Killer; Austria

Members at Large: Miriam Malone; Ireland

Asa llinares Norlin; Sweden

Dennis Jaeken; Belgium

Samuel Rosko; Slovakia

Lukasz Szeliga; Poland

Auditors: Mag. Ernst Minar; Austria

Craig Carscadden; Great Britain


The members of the new Executive Board of the EPC.


The new Executive Board of the EPC at the Congress in Poland.