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"History of the European Paralympic Committee - EPC"

The EPC is a European non-profit-making organisation which operates under Austrian law due to its registration in Vienna. EPC is supported by the European Union and the Austrian Government.

History: The EPC was founded as the IPC European Committee in November 1991, and adopted its current name in 1999.In 2008 the permanent Office and Headquarters was established in Vienna, Austria. The EPC is composed of forty-seven National Paralympic Committees and the European branches of four disability-specific International Organisations of Sports for the Disabled.

Vision: The EPC is an association for promotion of sports for athletes with disability and extends its area of function throughout the whole world. The vision is to be the pioneer region in the Paralympic Movement in relation to the development and promotion of sports for European Athletes with a disability and EPC should be known as the pioneer region where the European Athletes with a disability and the Sports are the main focus and drive in everything that is done in EPC

Structure: A General Assembly, held every two years, is the supreme governing body of EPC. All members are entitled to send delegates to the assembly. The EPC Executive Board (formerly known as the Executive Committee) is elected every four years by the members at the General Assembly. The committee is made up of the President, the Secretary General, the Treasurer, the Technical Officer, the Athletes' Representative and four Members-at-large. Besides the Executive Board the daily duties is carried out by an office manager situated in Vienna.

Strategy and aims: The EPC aims are to provide sports programs and initiatives for sports for persons with a disability for example by holding a Para-disability European Youth Games each second year and to increase the participation rates in sport in the less Economically Affluent zones of Europe. The strategy is also to increase participation rates of women in sport throughout Europe.